Speargrass, laceration wounds and ear infections are three of the most common things we see during the summer due to warm weather getting everyone out and about.

Today, however, we will highlight 'hot spots' (or pyotraumatic dermatitis) as they are something that is equally as common to see in these warm summer months.



So what are hot spots?

Hot spots are areas of skin that are moist, red and sometimes bloody due to self traumatization. They can appear as small, solitary lesions or can cover large parts of a dog's skin and are caused by excessive self licking and chewing. The good news is that they almost always look worse than they are. 


What Causes Hot Spots?

Hot Spots are often caused by dogs themself due to self chewing and licking.  This can be caused by an underlying allergy, irritation from a grooming clipper or underlying pain in that area. Irritation from chronically moist skin (not drying well after swimming) or underlying conditions can also cause this.


How are Hot Spots treated? 

Hot spots are fairly easy to treat – as long as one important rule is followed: Preventing your pet from licking that area.

Other important treatments include drying the skin and alleviating the irritation that caused the issue initially.  While some spots can be treated at home by simply cleansing and drying the area (as well as preventing them from further trauma), if the area enlarges, the infection becomes deeper or if an underlying problem is suspected, it is best to contact a veterinarian.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer!