With Thanksgiving around the corner, the Anderson Veterinary Clinic would like you and your pets to have a wonderful holiday weekend. We would like to remind everyone, however, of a few important Thanksgiving Day tips.

     Fatty Foods: Although it may be tempting, offering your pets left overs from the Thanksgiving meal can be risky.  Dogs, particularly certain smaller breeds, are susceptible to pancreatitis. The pancreas, which normally produces insulin and enzymes for digestion, can become irritated when given fatty foods and serious illness can result. Vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy can be some of the clinical signs observed with pancreatitis and if not managed early, can become life threatening.

     Bones: In addition to avoiding fatty foods, sharp poultry bones should be avoided as they can become lodged in the throat as well as in the GI tract.  Additionally, sharp bones can easily damage the GI tract as they move through during digestion.


   Raw food: Feeding raw sweet breads, giblets or turkey necks to pets as a treat should also be avoided as these meats can be contaminated with bacteria and can cause significant diarrhea.  People should also handle raw meats with care to avoid cross contamination.

   Left overs: When your meal is over, remember to secure your left overs and dispose of your turkey in a place your animals won't be able to get it. Getting into the garbage can cause significant GI upset in our pets


   Please be advised that we will be closed for Thanksgiving on Monday, October 14.  In case of emergency, please contact (250) 493 0503. We wish everyone a safe, happy Thanksgiving weekend!